Sigil Music !

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Create music and graphic sigils to manifest your will or just compose new and original melodies unlike anything you've heard before.

Sigil Music is a sigil maker and music composer. A sigil is a magical sign or glyph. Classical sigils were glyphs representing various angels or demons which magicians would call on to do their bidding. Often these sigils were creating by encoding the supernatural entity’s name in a magic square, a practice known as kamea.

The modern concept of a sigil as a direct encoding of a magician’s intent was developed by Austin Osman Spare during the early 20th century. His method involves writing down an intent, crossing out duplicate letters and vowels, then arranging the remaining letters in a design possibly even obscuring the original letters with embellishments or even slicing up letter parts. Once done, the magician destroys or otherwise disposes of the sigil in order to remove the sigil and its intent from the conscious mind giving the subconscious a chance to work the magic.

Sigil Music adds a musical dimension to the process by translating the user’s intent into both a music and graphic sigil. It accomplishes this by passing the written text to its algorithm, which translates the words into a stream of numbers which are then mapped to both musical notes and lines drawn on grids. With its unique collection of scales and tunings, grids (Sigil Music contains magic squares for each of the planets, classical and modern as well as some unique grids), Sigil Music can create both unique designs and melodies both beautiful and unlike anything you’ve heard before.

For the musician, Sigil Music offers over 60 different scales and tunings, both historical and modern. One unique feature is it contains scales based on the atomic spectra of elements important to alchemy and biology. It even includes tunings for water and alcohol. Adding control over tempo, the exact algorithms used, and instrument to play back the resulting melody gives unprecedented diversity to the possible music that can be created. The actual music is composed by the letters and words you typed in, so no random music here, it’s real music composition and anything composed by you belongs to you; this is, unless you want to share it with someone – Sigil Music can share both its music and graphic sigils via your device’s built in facilities.

For the scholar or curious, Sigil Music includes a treasure trove of information on its scales, grids, and symbols, including historical details as well as correspondences to alchemical, astrological, physical, and even medical knowledge. Another unique feature of Sigil Music is its mini-app that allows the user to explore its scales and tunings, play the scale, change the tuning, and read about the scale’s historical or cultural significance and correspondences to alchemical, astrological, physical, and medical elements.

But in the end, Sigil Music is just fun to play with. Does it work? Is the magic real? Why not try Sigil Music and find out for yourself!