Sigil Music - How to Use

Quick Start

From the main menu select Create Sigil.  After the scene loads, write what you want in thebox that says 'Enter Intent'.  Then press the button Create Sigil.  Wait a few moments and the sigil you created will be drawn on the grid and its melody performed.

Swipe right to left to pull out the right side panel exposing music options or swipe left to right to view graphic options.  Feel free to experiment with the different drop down or control values.  It's your intent that's being encoded, choose what resonates with you.

To save or share your sigil, pull out either the graphic or music options panel and press the Save button at the bottom of the panel.  The graphic and music sigils are shared separately.  The graphic options panel contains a button to share the graphic sigil, the music options panel contains a button to share the music sigil.

What are Sigils?

The early 20th century occultist Austin Osman Spare conceived the modern version of a sigil as encoding an intent written in an ordinary alphabet into a diagrammatic glyph called a sigil. He hypothesized that a magician's will could be manifested into reality through the subconscious mind charged by the magician's emotions. The act of creating the sigil and meditating upon it focuses the magician’s intent into his or her subconscious while the sigil itself is an embodiment of that intent. Once the intent is planted in the subconscious the magician destroys the sigil to prevent the conscious mind from interfering and preventing the intent becoming reality.  This final step is necessary so that doubts don’t creep in and interfere with the working of the magic. Sigils offer a great advantage over other magical methods is that they are easy to create, require no special materials and are quick.  Furthermore their creation can be automated.  Using artifacts to automate magic is not new, Tibetan monks have been using prayer wheels for centuries.

Sigil Music automates the drawing of the sigil and goes one step further by encoding the magician’s intent into a music melody.  The sigil is charged by listening to and internalizing the melody and meditating on the graphic sigil drawn.  Depending on your needs the sigil can be destroyed (cleared) or saved to the journal for future study or editing.  You can even send the graphic and music sigils to an individual on whom you want the magic to work on, for example healing a sick friend.  Note that Magik Arts accepts no responsibility nor claims any effectiveness for the sigils worked on yourself or others.  You are responsible for your own intentions and any results, good or ill.

Magicians of antiquity used sigils to invoke the powers of an angel or demon to assist them in working magic.  The name of the being is converted to numbers and inscribed on magic squares, a process known as Kamea.  Magic squares are square arrays of numbers where each row and column sum to the same value.  Medieval magicians assigned magic squares of length 3 to 9 to the 7 classical planets — The sun and moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

The planetary magic square amplifies the sigil with the associated energies of the planet.  These energies are well described in the astrological texts and summarized in the Grids and Planets section of Sigil Music's documentation.

Sigil Music combines both the modern and ancient sigil creation processes and adds a musical element.  The next section describes the features of Sigil Music as well as how to use them.

Sigil Music Features

Sigil Music can create both music and graphic sigils.  The music sigil is a melody composed by an algorithm that parses the intent you type in and translates it into a sequence of music notes that is then played by Sigil Music's internal synthesizer.  The lines in the graphic sigil are rendered in a connect the dots fashion using the grid points output by the algorithm.

The algorithm parses the user’s intent and outputs a set of numbers corresponding to either individual letters or words depending on the particular algorithm chosen by the user.  These numbers are mapped to music notes according the the selected tuning as well as to a line drawing connecting 'the grid points of the selected grid.  The user can choose the color of the drawing or make it a gradient with a beginning and ending color to symbolize a transformation.

The grids are drawn from classical and modern planetary magic squares as well as a few historical squares and non-square grids.  The available tunings are quite diverse. They include the modern chromatic system, Just Intonation, and the Greek modes as well as various sacred and alchemical tunings.  Most of the scales can be tuned to A = 440 Hz, A = 432 Hz, and C = 512 Hz.  All can be transposed chromatically or by octave.  Especially noteworthy is Sigil Music’s unique collection of tunings that are spectra of atomic elements transposed down multiple octaves to the range of human hearing.  The 7 alchemical elements corresponding to the 7 classical planets (Saturn/lead, Jupiter/tin, Mars/iron, Venus/copper, Mercury/quicksilver AKA mercury, moon/silver, sun/gold) are included in the free version of Sigil Music.  The modern planet namesakes (Uranium, Neptunian, and Plutonium) as well as the spectra of elements and molecules necessary for life are available from the in-app store.

Sigil Music also provides control of the tempo and a full complement of different synthesizer patches to play back the music.  The available tempos include tempos sync’d to the octave upshifted periods of the planets orbits around the sun and their rotations.

Rounding out Sigil Music is a journal to save and comment upon the created sigils and a sharing system to share graphic and music sigils through the sharing facilities of the user’s device.

The next section goes through the process of crafting an intent and using Sigil Music to create both a graphic and a music sigil.  The options you can use to shape and charge your sigils are described.  To see the physical and metaphysical meanings and correspondances of the options, please press the Up button to get to the Info menu and select Scales and Tunings, Algorithms, or Grids and Planets to learm more.

Crafting and Charging Sigils

The process of constructing and charging a sigil has 6 steps.

  1. 1. Formulate and write down your intent.  
  2. 2. Select graphic and music options that support your intent. 
  3. 3. Press the 'Create Sigil' button to create the graphic and music sigil. 
  4. 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the resulting sigils resonate with you. 
  5. 5. Meditate and listen to the resulting sigils until you can see the image in you mind's eye and hear the melody in your mind's ear. 
  6. 6. Destroy the sigils by pressing clear or moving off the create sigil page to the main menu. Optionally you can save the sigil or share it with someone. 

The first step is to form your intent of what you want to happen or manifest.  Write it in the text box at the bottom of the screen at the placeholder Enter intent.


By default, the intent is hidden as most traditions encourage you to forget the intent so it can't be interfered with by the conscious mind.  You can view it by clicking on the first text box where it says Click to show intent/click again to hide

The intent text box is a toggle, clicking again will hide your intent.

You can enter your own notes in the box below the intent box.  These are automatically saved. Further actions are accomplished by the 3 buttons below the text boxes.

The Back button navigates back to the journal master page showing all the saved sigils.  Play Sigil will play the sigil, pressing it again stops the playback.  Edit Sigil navigates to the Create Sigil page loading in the saved sigil's intent and the graphic and music options allowing you to modify the sigil.  Note that you have to recreate both the graphic and audio sigils by pressing the Create Sigil button after arriving at the page as only the sigil data to create the sigils is loaded not the actual sigils themselves.

The Store

The free version of Sigil Music is self-contained and may be used without restriction.  It includes grids for the traditional planets and four arch angels, several algorithms including Austin Spare’s original algorithm, a Gematria algorithm, and some original variations.

Sigil Music is supported by advertising and sales of additional items that expand the music and graphic options available when creating sigils.  The store also includes an item that unlocks the ad free version of Sigil Music.

The additional item include tunings, grids, and algorithms that expand the range of magical forces that can be brought to bear on your sigils increasing their range and power.

Clicking on any item on the Store’s main page brings up the details of the item including a list of content.  Detailed descriptions of all of Sigil Music's content can be found by clicking on the Up button below and navigating to the Algorithms, Grids, or Scales and Tunings links off of the Info menu.  

Navigating and buying items in the store is simple.  Press the button of the item you are interested in to navigate to a page describing the item including its price.  If the item has not yet been purchased a Buy button appears at the bottom of the page.  Clicking on this navigates to your device’s standard popup for making in-app purchases.

Once you’ve purchased an item the buy button no longer appears when you navigate to the item’s page; instead a message appears stating you’ve already bought the item.  Once an item is purchased, you have access to it forever even if you remove and reinstall Sigil Music provided it is under the same user account that originally purchased the item.