Quantum 8 Ball

Coming this June to Google Play !

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Quantum 8 Ball is a 21st century upgrade of the classic Magic 8 Ball , a popular fortune telling novelty from the mid 20th century. Instead of an isocohedron (20 sided polygon) it has a 3 qubit quantum computer!

Quantum 8 Ball includes the following fortune telling applications:

Due to a remarkable isomorphism between the Bloch sphere representation of qubits and amplitude modulation, a standard music synthesis technique, users are able to tune the internal dynamics of the qubits to harmonize with their inner thoughts. Users also get a visual representation of the qubits dancing on the Bloch sphere.

Quantum 8 Ball includes 5 different entanglement algorithms including 3 forms of Bell entanglement plus W and GHZ entanglement. Entanglement is the "secret sauce" that accounts for the spooky action at a distance that may account for telepathy and clairvoyance as well as other psychic phenomena. The Bell transforms entangle 2 of the 3 qubits while W and GHZ both entangle all 3.

The goal is to provide a unique experience allowing the seeker to achieve a state of sympathetic resonance between herself and the cosmos. It is during this state that results with the most meaning are obtained.